New Paper on Biographical Method and Microhistory


Entrepreneur Biographies as Microhistories of X„, in: Immigrant Entrepreneurship: The German-American Experience since 1700, eds. Hartmut Berghoff/Uwe Spiekermann, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute – Supplement 12, Washington D.C. 2016, S. 19-36.

Writing scientific biographies evokes the problem of representativeness or of integrating the single case into more general questions of scholarly interest. The establishment of a link between micro and macrolevels inspired the present paper, which attempts to conceptualize the link between the individual biographical case and more general questions via the concept of microhistory. Microhistory does not present an easy solution to this problem, but it can generate sensitivity for the epistemological problems and narrative pitfalls of the biographical genre. „New Paper on Biographical Method and Microhistory“ weiterlesen